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Hear testimonials from people who have experience with Collectramatic® Fryers
Eric Gallant
Mike West, West Quality Food Service
Justin Stewart, Stewart Restaurant Group
Steve Coleman, Qcel UK
Kevin Schlutz, Central Iowa KFC
Robby Arnold, Barrett TB Inc. / BBG North LLC
Tom Rojas, Hialeah FL
John Malnofski, Kazi Foods Inc.
Fred Jackson, Graja Inc.
Robert Rials, Hannon's Food Service of Vicksburg, Inc.
Dimple Jain, R. Jain Corporation
Rodger Fye, Kels Foods Inc.
Bryant Davis, Dana Enterprises
Richard Walsh, Aarsand Management
Franklin Nye, FDN Inc. dba KFC of Safford
Dana Panelle, Dana Enterprises
Brett Harris, KFC Montana
Wiley Dean, Chicken Outfits, Inc.
Chris Fowler, AKFCF President
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