Collectramatic Pressure and Open Fryers

Collectramatic® Fryers

Collectramatic fryers have the largest cold zone in the industry. Consequently, they can perform 20-30 cook cycles without filtration. As a result, shortening life is extended and filtering downtime is reduced.

“The Collectramatic is a superior product, it has very little downtime, if any. I’ve had them for 25 years and have had very few repairs on any of them except just simple upgrades.”
Franklin Nye
FDN Inc. dba KFC of Safford
CVap holding cabinets for KFC

CVap® Holding Cabinets

CVap Holding Cabinets incorporate incredible temperature precision with the ability to control how crispy or soft you want your food to stay. Certainly, they are perfect for operations that want to serve the hottest, freshest food, fast, while maintaining food quality.

"This thing has outperformed anything we've ever had. It's simply amazing...I would highly recommend this cabinet if you're looking at a cabinet replacement, or new cabinets for your new restaurant. Please, check it out."
Justin Stewart KFC
Justin Stewart
Stewart Restaurant Group
F662T Shortening Filter

Winston Shortening Filters

Patented single-leaf filter plate pulls the carbon particles and other substances from the shortening. You can service multiple fryers with a single filter.


Fryer accessories, including baskets, filters, gaskets, tools, gloves, and other relevant items are available through our partners at Parts Town.

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