OF49C & OF59C Open Fryers

OF49C & OF59C Open Fryers

OF49C & OF59C Open Fryers​

OF49C Open Fryers

OF49C (4-Head) and OF59C (6-Head) Open Fryers

KFC-approved Collectramatic® Open Fryers have the largest cold zone in the industry. Certainly they can perform 20-30 full batch cook cycles without filtration. Consequently this extends shortening life and reduces filtering downtime. The fryers’ heat curve can be adjusted to cook up to 18 lbs. of fried chicken in as little as ten minutes. Utilizing Winston’s quarter rack system improves labor efficiencies. Chicken cooks on racks and moves directly into the holding cabinet. Handling is minimized.

The Collectramatic fryer is constructed to last for decades. Each fryer is built with high grade stainless steel and has just three moving parts. In other words, they are the most reliable open fryers in the system today.


Fryer Accessories


Additional accessories include utensil rack, basket lift assist, open basket, accessory kit (plugging tool and displacer tool).

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