HOV7-14SP CVap Holding Cabinet with Flip Door

HOV7-14SP CVap® Holding Cabinets

HA4519K CVap® Holding Cabinets

hov7-14sp with flip door

CVap HOV7-14SP Holding Cabinet

The CVap HOV7-14SP Holding Cabinet is designed specifically for our KFC partners. Special flip door windows offer full view of food products, making inventory easy. Windows flip up out of the way for easy access. Patent-pending hinges are rugged, and won’t wear out. This full size CVap holds up to 14 sheet pans, or 28 hotel pans. It’s perfect for high-volume operators.

The HOV7-14SP is more than just a heated holding cabinet. This full-size model is equipped with C-Touch Controls, CVap Wireless Programming, USB HACCP Data Download, and Switchable Convection Fan.

You can hold just about anything in an HOV7-14SP, from crisp to soft, and everything in between. CVap Holding Cabinets hold it at the temperature and moisture level you want, for extended periods of time. Crisp foods stay crisp, and moist foods stay moist.

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