Open Basket - Part No. PS1290
For 4 or 6HD Open or Pressure Fryers
Shoestring Fry Basket - Part No. PS1453
Clamshell Basket - 6HD, Part No. PS1163
Clamshell Basket - 4HD, Part No. PS1159
Fillet Basket - Part No. 4HD, PS1160, 6HD, Part No. PS2470
Popcorn Basket - Part No. PS1987
Quarter Rack Basket - 6HD Wire, Part No. PS2839
Fits 6HD Winston Fryers
Liver Basket - Part No. PS1060


Filter Paper for F662A9 - Part No. PS1488 (100 Pack)
Filter Paper for F552A8 - Part No. PS1489 (100 Pack)
Pre-Filter for F662A9 - Part No. PS1546
Pre-Filter for F552A8 - Part No. PS1547


Displacer Tool - Part No. PS1209-1
For all Winston Fryers
Utensil Rack - Part No. PS1180
For all Winston Fryers and Tray Carts
Gasket, Lid, Blue - Part No. PS1891
Please Specify Quantity
Drain Hook - Part No. PS1154-1
For all Winston Fryers
Pluging Tool - Part No. PS1179-1
For all Winston Fryers
Tray Cart with Basket Stand - Part No. PS1682
Collector Removal Tool - Part No. PS3187
Pluging Tool - Part No. PS1179-1
For all Winston Fryers
Table Kit Fryer w/ Plug Tool - Part No. AC1019
Table Fryer Extension Shelf - Part No. AC1020
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