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Since 1969
commercial KFC Pressure Fryers

Justin Stewart, Current AKFCF President


Winston Foodservice

Winston Foodservice, makers of commercial KFC pressure fryers Collectramatic® Fryers and CVap® Holding Cabinets, has been a KFC partner for over 50 years. We’re proud to help KFC operators around the globe to serve the world’s best fried chicken. Keep calm and fry on!

CVap® Flip-Door Holding Cabinet

The CVap Flip-Door Holding Cabinet is the latest addition to Winston’s CVap holding line. We’ve made several improvements to perfect it. Factory pre-set controls are plug-and-play simple.

flipdoor holding cabinet
collectramatic fryers cook the best chicken
commercial KFC Pressure Fryers
commercial KFC Pressure Fryers
commercial KFC Pressure Fryers

5 reasons to outfit your kitchen with the commercial KFC pressure fryer Collectramatic® fryer, just like the Colonel.


More productivity for less money. 18-head platform cooks more chicken than the other guy's 16-head, and you keep your $4,000.


Flexibility of size and footprint. Use 1, 2, or 3 fryers as demand dictates. Three fryers, 18-head platform in about the same space as two fryers.

Electrical Efficiency

The electric bill won't make you feel as though the sky is falling.


Workhorse reliability built for a legend. Known for its 25-year life span and low cost of ownership, Collectramatic offers less down time and unmatched reliability.

Shortening Efficiency

The Collectramatic fryer's unique design prevents scortching. More rounds between filterings extend the life of your shortening.

“Collectramatic is our choice of fryers and always has been. They’re simple to maintain and I love the product it produces. I have nothing but great things to say about Collectramatic. I work on them and do maintenance – they are bulletproof when it comes to a frying machine.”

– Rodger Fye, Director of Operations, Kels Foods, Inc.


Looking for Collectramatic resources? We’ve got all the service videos, operational videos, and instructional videos you need to get you up and running.

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